Cartessa Helix

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Cartessa Helix

HELIX combines a 1570 nm fiber laser with the advanced 10,600nm CO2 technology that DEKA is known for. 

HELIX makes it possible to combine ablative and non-ablative fractional energy in seven unique sequential and alternative mixed modes. Both Deka Pulse and H-Pulse can be used in combination – a feature unique to HELIX. The unique depth profile and ability to adjust the non-ablative to minimize healing time makes HELIX the most innovative skin resurfacing laser solution.

Helix offers three exclusive branded treatments:

  • Cool Peel-No downtime fractional ablative treatment
  • Sultra-gentle, fractional non-ablative thermal collagen stimulation
  • FUSION-mixed treatments for faster healing and enhanced results with options safe for all skin types

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